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July 03, 2007



how will you handle to-do's and notes from Outlook that currently don't sync with iPhone? This is my biggest issue from a productivity standpoint. thank you.

Erik Huddleston

Good point. I'll be covering this in an upcoming post. The short answer is I will be using a web based list/task managment tool with an email gateway. I'm testing several, but am settling in on rememberthemilk. That post should be done in a week or so, so subscribe or check back soon.

Van Daniel

Good review; I can't wait until I can save the disposable income to grab mine. I am neither an Apple apologist nor an Apple hater: so as a general consume, Apple has blown me away. I have been using my good friend's anytime I am around them (a lot more now, har har), and I am in awe. Quite possibly the best designed piece of electronic thus far created in all of human history. I am not joking in that assessment.

One thing on typing: in took about thirty minutes, but my accuracy is near 100%, and with speed too. I like the keyboard alright. Maybe not the best keyboard ever, but it is the way it is to allow the product to be how it is. And I want one, just how it is.

Good review dude. If you have an extra iPhone... email it to me. =P

Erik Huddleston

Van Daniel,

Thanks for the note. It is certainly a marvel of human interface design and engineering. I agree the keyboard is good. Particularly the autocorrect. The big problem in this software rev is that outside of Safari, the keyboard is portrait mode only. So, dispite the fact I have gotten quite fast, I just can't approach the speed of HTC TyTN/Hermes with two thumbs. Hopefully in an upcoming software release they will enable landscape mode for the email application.
As an aside, the touchscreen is so dependable, I have no concerns about the lack of a "hardware" keyboard.


How about with you forefinger?

What are these 2.0 apps you speak of but never tell?

Erik Huddleston


I've had some luck with my index and middle fingers. It isn't two thumbs, but it is pretty good.

On the apps, I have started posting about them. I just did a screencast of my experiences with mindmeister, the enterprise 2.0 mind mapping tool I use. It is readonly on the iPhone due to a similar but to gmail. I also use newsgator, which I have found crashes safari sometimes. I also use rememberthemilk (task management) and many of the google tools (including calendar). I will continue to post detailed reviews on those....


For small form factor typing it is hard to beat Graffiti. You can learn to do it mostly w/o looking, something pretty much impossible on small non-standard or virtual keyboards. Jot was a good alternative that worked on the larger screen area. There is no reason you could not do a Graffiti/Jot for iPhone.


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